Content Creator. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Law X is the founder of Mindtrip Films, a video production and creative marketing agency. He is a London born, American raised innovative director, editor, actor and international award winning filmmaker. He has written, directed, produced, edited and starred in numerous films and music videos. Law began his career as a filmmaker in 2012 which originated from his passion of making music.
As a songwriter and recording artist, Law learned to transform songs into visuals and lyrics into movie scripts. Recent releases such as Famous, Drunk Text, When Day Gets Dark & Broken to name a few. Showcases his skill set as director, producer, editor, scriptwriter and songwriter.

Currently Law resides in London where he produces commercials for retail business, music videos and films. His latest film project "Love Cage". Which is the third entry of a trilogy that combines three different films with three different genres into the same story line of one movie. Set for release early 2020.





International Hollywood Golden Film Festival 2016

In 2016 Law was nominated twice for Best Editing and Special Achievement at the Int'l Hollywood Golden Film Awards. Taking home the Special Achievement award for his self produced short film "Famous".